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Blanka Matragi

Czech first name Blanka and exotic surname Matragi maps two worlds, between which fashion designer Blanka Matragi moves: the Czech Republic and Lebanon, where she’s living and working for twenty five years. Among the books on art celebrity autobiography Blanka Matragi is unique as the first biography of Czech fashion designer. Over twenty years she designs her models for selected members of high society in the countries of the Persian Gulf, and recently also for the exceptional clientele living in the country. With customers from the royal families, as the only foreigner and European, she’s getting into an exclusive, completely closed to the public world of local palaces.

The decision to write an autobiography with Blanka Matragi resolve long live more in the present and the future than the past. Thirteen chapters of her story changes fast cuts his “wings”: from native Svetla nad Sazavou, through the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, to the years in Lebanon, where she left behind her husband Makram. The author vividly depicts the harsh years of Lebanon war, during which she courageously opened her salon Haute Couture in the center of Beirut, the success with the local demanding clientele, contacts beginning with the Persian Gulf and her entry into the first royal palace.

The book, full of original attitudes, opinions and reflections, entire picture of Blanka Matragi’s life − very dynamic, ambitious girl who likes going beyond traditional principles and incredible creativity proves that what in the world of fine arts (where she ranks her profession herself) “counts” is an idea, a feeling for material and fully paid work. Only love for Haute Couture and to perfect trade can “tame” element named Blanka Matragi. And we could say the same about her second lifetime love − glassmaking.

Blanka Matragi not hiding anything, letting the reader discover her privacy: she remains quirky and confident in every expression… No matter if she talks about what she loves and hates, or presents er views on faith, profession and life of the woman in the Middle East. Chapters about exotic palaces, about the life of local sheikh and extravagantly conceived grand weddings are full of psychologically astute observations − and that is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the entire autobiography. There is also a substantial passage devoted to design work processes, as general public expects from the respected writer. Narrative line, observations and reflections are illustrated by rich collection of photographs from her professional and private life, many of these are published for the first time.

The book was created during the year both in Prague and authentic Beirut in collaboration with journalist Michaela Zindelova, who focuses on celebrity profiles of Czech culture and lifestyle. Although she’s written over a dozen titles, she considers cooperation with Blanka Matragi as her toughest challenge yet.

Blanka Matragi
Editor: Michael Zindelova
Published by Nakladatelstvi Lidove noviny, s.r.o.
in Prague 2006
Language: Czech
Available from 2nd March 2006
260 pages including 88 pages of color attachments
ISBN 80-7106-791-1

The autobiography was awarded by Czech bestseller in 2006 for 35,000 copies sold.

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